shamara AH GN  PH NW

Shamara Sadler



Andy Halpin

(Chair of Governors)

Gemma Neath


Paula Hunt


Natalie Wyatt-Freeman





 kay-bianco lynsey-o'donnell

 Aimee Habgood

(Parent Governor)

 Holly Rusz

(Parent Governor)

 Kay Bianco

(Parent Governor)

 Lynsey O'Donnell

(Parent Governor)



Tanya Palmer-Ashton


 Sarah Ashford

(Staff Governor)




Governors at Fairfield Primary Academy attend up to 9 formal meetings a year. They drop into school on occasion and visit three times a year as formal Governor in school visit days. The Chair of Governors has regular meetings and contact with the Principal. 


Full Governors Quality & Standards Resources
Andy Halpin (Chair) Andy Halpin Andy Halpin (Chair)
Paula Hunt Paula Hunt (Chair) Paula Hunt
Shamara Sadler (Principal) Shamara Sadler (Principal) Shamara Sadler (Principal)
Gemma Neath  Gemma Neath Gemma Neath
Natalie Wyatt Natalie Wyatt Natalie Wyatt
Tanya Palmer-Ashton Tanya Palmer-Ashton Tanya Palmer-Ashton
Holly Rusz Holly Rusz  
Lynsey O'Donnell Lynsey O'Donnell  
Kay Bianco   Kay Bianco
Aimie Habgood Aimie Habgood  
Sarah Ashford Sarah Ashford Sarah Ashford


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