At Fairfield we use a Spelling programme called "Support for Spelling" as advised by the Government. This programme is used by children in Years 2-6. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 use "Letters and Sounds" which develops the children's phonetical understanding. At Fairfield we believe that good spelling enables fluent and effective writers.



Competent spellers need to spend less time and energy in thinking about spelling to enable them to channel time and energy into the skills of composition, sentence structure and precise word choice.

*The key to developing confident spellers is teaching the strategies, rules and conventions systematically and explicitly – helping pupils to recognise which strategies they can use to improve their spelling.

This Programme gradually builds pupils' vocabulary by introducing patterns or conventions and continually practicing those already introduced. 


So what happens in the classroom?

Each class will take part in 5, 15 minute, spelling sessions spread over two weeks. We ensure these are short, lively, focused sessions that are enjoyable and effective. These sessions include learning spelling strategies, investigating patterns and playing spelling games. Each half term, the children will be asked to investigate the spelling pattern they are learning about, at home.


Foundation, Year 1 & Year 2

Children in Foundation Stage and KS1 focus on "Letters and Sounds" which involves learning phonics. These sessions are taught in small groups for 20 minutes every day.

Children also bring home 'Bookmark words' and 'Rainbow words' to learn – these are High Frequency Words and Common Words that children will use every day in their reading and writing.


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