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As a Good school working towards Outstanding, we strive to provide the highest possible standard of education for all of our pupils.  We are preparing them for a world where digital technology is transforming social and work life at an ever increasing pace.

At Fairfield Primary Academy, we use iPads with each child as an enhanced tool for learning, offering new opportunities to motivate and engage pupils of all abilities.  It empowers the pupil to take control of their learning and to work in a more individualised way.  Additionally, the opportunity to work collaboratively with other pupils both within school and beyond has the potential to greatly enhance a child’s understanding and educational progress.

The iPad provides the teacher with a greater set of tools at their disposal to facilitate Outstanding lessons.

A device which can be used both in and out of school to facilitate longer term projects, challenge-based approaches and the ability to learn anytime, anywhere has the potential to transform our approach to continue learning at home for the better.

We regularly assess the impact that the iPads are having on teaching and learning against progress in English and Maths for all pupils.


Quotes from Pupils:

‘Having an iPad helps me to learn, as it is more visual, providing me with a set of tools at my desk and is helping to develop my thinking skills, creativity, mental maths and much more’.

‘I love the iPad because you’re having fun whilst learning’.

‘We are learning ICT skills across all areas of the curriculum, helping to prepare us for the future’.

‘We have access to learn about the world around us, changing the way we learn’.   


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