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Reading at Fairfield is absolutely everywhere, because we love it!

We often have half termly topics based around excellent books, such as Harry Potter, George’s Marvellous Medicine and Elmer the Elephant where we immerse ourselves in the books and the learning flows!  We look at how books are written, thinking about their structure and the authors intention and we are really working hard to ‘read between the lines’ to learn as much as we can about characters, plot and are very creative when it comes to predicting what happens next.

But at Fairfield it isn’t just fiction we love, it’s non-fiction as well. We use books and iBooks (on our iPads) to research topics and enjoy producing our very own non-fiction leaflets and books as part of our Literacy Lessons.

Each day, we have GIRAFFE Time!  (Great GuIded Reading At FairFiEld). This is where we do focused activities based on a book and on the skills we need to develop as individuals and as a class. The teacher and Teaching Assistants often work with groups in this time to ensure we are getting as much from the book as we can.

In addition, we have Book Fairs to promote reading and are able to use the school library; we also have access to a wide range of books on our iPads too.

From our Foundation Stage, we practice reading our High Frequency Words and Common Words, which we take home too. This really helps when it comes to reading more challenging books and we can use them in our writing too.

Reading in KS1 builds upon the learning in the Foundation Stage by exposing the children to a wider variety of reading material. Guided reading becomes more regular and the children are encouraged to read every day. The children continue to learn 'Rainbow' and 'Book mark' words to extend their sight vocabulary and to improve spelling. In Year 2 some children will also be challenged to read and spell additional topic related words. Our children begin to read books from the Oxford Reading Tree, moving through the stages as appropriate. Once this is completed, children move onto reading colour coded books from our school collection which ensures they are reading texts that are appropriate for their ability. In Year 2 the children are able to take home specially created Story Sacks to share and to read for pleasure.

Children who need extra support can access the Lexia programme on iPads and our Rapid Reading programme. 

We place great emphasis upon reading for pleasure so that pupils go on to be lifelong readers! 

We know it makes a big difference if you can read really well and we know the value of reading, as it is all around us.  Reading really is FUN!



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