In Reception, we follow children's interests along with objectives from the Early Learning Goals to develop children's curiosity, thinking and excitement for learning. We believe in encouraging children to be independent learners by providing them with the resources to learn, experiment and try out different things in a safe environment.

Through a balance of child led, teacher led and purposeful play we cover phonics, number, shape, reading, writing, science, literacy and PSHE. We also investigate historical events, festivals and understanding of our local area.

We believe experiences are what build understanding in children. To immerse them into school we regularly have themed days where children dress up, get involved in one off, different activities and go on many adventures.



We are using software called 2 simple to document children's achievements, developments and journey through their early years experience. The software allows us to store videos, observations and pictures in a safe way whilst documenting achievements of the Early Learning Goals.

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