In EYFS we provide a broad and balanced curriculum, based on the seven EYFS areas of learning, using play as the fundamental approach which facilitates learning for all children. We believe that every child is a unique child who is constantly learning at their own pace. We encourage children to become independent learners through positive relationships and strong partnerships between practioners and parents/carers.

Each week we discuss the children's 'fascinations' based on our observations and conversations with the children. We then use 'In the Moment Planning' to provide a learning environment that enables their fascinations and curiosities to thrive. We find that by allowing children to select where, with what and how to play, they are truly invested in their play and become deeply engaged and make dramatic progress. The EYFS learning environment has a crucial part to play in facilitating 'In the Moment Planning' we constantly assess levels of involvement in each area and make changes accordingly. We ensure that our learning environment is consistently positive, safe, calm and communication friendly so that our children can learn and progress effectively. Our classrooms and outdoor areas are full of communication friendly spaces because we believe this is when children learn best, when they are able to comfortably and confidently interact with others.

During continuous provision times (choice time) the children are free to play indoors or outdoors in all weather. We also teach whole class and small group phonics, maths, writing and reading sessions, along with a shared story at the end of each day. We want our children to gain as many new experiences as possible, so taking them out of school on new adventures or inviting members of the community into school is always an exciting and integral part of our planning.



This year in EYFS we are using a new system to document the children's achievements, development and journey through their early years' experience. Tapestry allows us to store video evidence, observations and photographs in a safe way to showcase the children's achievements against the Early Learning Goals. Each term we will share the children's journeys with their parents/carers, who can also add their own comments to promote a collaborative and strong partnership between home and school.

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