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Universal Infant Free Meals

At Spencer Academies Catering, we believe that a nutritious hot meal at lunchtime is so much better value than a packed lunch, even more so when it is free!

We just want to take this opportunity to remind you that if you have a child in reception, year 1 or year 2, your child is entitled to enjoy a school meal for free every day.

The average saving per child is around £450 a school year. The other advantage is you will save on the time preparing the packed lunch.

Even if your child is entitled to a Universal Infant Free School Meal it is still important to confirm eligibility, this will ensure your school will be in a position to obtain further funding from central government to provide additional support to your child. This funding is also referred to as Pupil Premium. Please check with your school to see what is available to you.

We would love to hear from you and welcome all ideas and suggestions to ensure that we continue to provide the best possible service.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Food Origin

For more information on the Trust's commitment to providing locally grown, sustainable produce, please click here

In Reception, we follow children's interests along with objectives from the Early Learning Goals to develop children's curiosity, thinking and excitement for learning. We believe in encouraging children to be independent learners by providing them with the resources to learn, experiment and try out different things in a safe environment.

Through a balance of child led, teacher led and purposeful play we cover phonics, number, shape, reading, writing, science, literacy and PSHE. We also investigate historical events, festivals and understanding of our local area.

We believe experiences are what build understanding in children. To immerse them into school we regularly have themed days where children dress up, get involved in one off, different activities and go on many adventures.



We are using software called 2 simple to document children's achievements, developments and journey through their early years experience. The software allows us to store videos, observations and pictures in a safe way whilst documenting achievements of the Early Learning Goals.

The Creative Curriculum is designed to stimulate children; promoting a thirst for learning whilst encouraging the children to be independent critical learners. Reading is at the heart of the curriculum based around a well-selected book chosen to engage and challenge pupils. Daily half-hour whole class reading sessions are based on this carefully selected book; developing skills in reading using a VIPERS approach (vocabulary, inference, predict, explain, retrieve and summarise). Classes share the book together and have in-depth discussions particularly about characters' motives, author's choice of vocabulary and making inferences based on shared experiences. Particular emphasis will also be on using the A.P.E. model (answer it, prove it, explain it). There is strong focus on reading fluency, vocabulary through oracy and on specific comprehension skills. Children will also be given opportunities to read with another class within school each fortnight and also visit both the school library and the local library in Stapleford.

Years 1-6 will use the 'No-nonsense spelling programme' to help structure spelling sessions – which provide opportunities for children to investigate spelling patterns and learn the rules, alongside providing strategies for learning to spell given words. Classrooms will have weekly spellings displayed, with spelling tests focussing on weekly spellings and others that have been previously learned. This is to develop fast and accurate spellings of an extensive vocabulary through explicit teaching. Learning of the National Curriculum year group words will form part of the homework sent home during each half term (see back of the children's organisers).

Writing opportunities are available to pupils across the whole curriculum linked to the class book and accompanying topic. A distinct structure will be followed; introduce, explore, plan, first draft, edit and improve and redraft. By providing high-quality, well-timed feedback, children develop a love of writing across all aspects of the curriculum, whilst learning to edit and improve their work towards a 'polished piece'. Resilience is a strong theme across all aspects of learning: we believe that good learners go in the pit.

All children and staff will use a cursive approach to all aspects of writing, with staff providing opportunities to develop the children's fluency through a range of activities including 'Letterjoin' using iPads and extensive modelling from staff. This will improve correct formation and joins (except capitals) to ensure fluency whilst remaining legible.

Parents and carers receive regular updates on their child's learning, including invitations to join children in lessons and creative workshops. At least one visit or enrichment experience is offered each half term, and adds another layer of richness to exploration of the broader curriculum.

At Fairfield, we believe that all pupils can succeed in Maths. Teachers strive to design relevant, engaging lessons in which the pupils are carefully guided, step by step, through Mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Lessons also include rehearsal and automatic recall of facts. Particular attention is paid to developing conceptual understanding in tandem with procedural competency. Children are challenged to explain their reasoning, evaluate their own (and the work of others), model their ideas and invent their own questions.

Pupils are taught through whole-class interactive teaching, where the focus is on all pupils working together on the same lesson content at the same time. Every lesson begins with an 'in focus' task, which the children try to solve independently. The learning is then broken down into small steps, so that the children understand what to do. This ensures that all pupils can master concepts before moving to the next part of the curriculum sequence, allowing no pupil to be left behind. Our aim is to deepen the children's understanding, so that learning is retained in the future.

All children are taught age related expectations. In each lesson, depth of understanding is achieved, not only by the inclusion of reasoning and problem solving activities, but also the use of concrete (apparatus to represent the maths), pictorial (drawn representations of the maths) and abstract (numbers and symbols to represent the maths).


Recall of Facts

The children are strongly encouraged to learn some basic number facts by heart in every year group, such as number pairs in addition and subtraction. They also learn multiplication facts and division facts until they become automatic to recall. In school, we play a game called 'Tackling Tables' (Tackling Addition and Subtraction in Year 1). This is a simple, fun way to practise number facts. Each week the children try to beat their best score in a 5 minute challenge.


Matery Behaviours

Explain it — can the children use Mathematical language, calculations and representations to demonstrate their understanding of the concept?

Evaluate it — can the children use reasoning to check if answers are correct?

Teach it — can the children demonstrate learning to others or model an example?

Invent it – can the children create their own questions to fit the learning of the day, or invent their own word problems?


Transformer Partners

In every class, each child has a dedicated response partner, with whom they can discuss their thinking and reason together. The children challenge each other or listen to make sense of their partner's thinking. They ask each other questions or they sometimes team up to agree on a reasonable way to solve a problem.

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